Just a cheeky bit of Primark

Yes, I did a typical youtube thumbnail on a blog, and what?!

Here it isssss. Usually I go into Primark and pick up one thing I know I needed but as I’m going back to college soon, I looked in my wardrobe and realised I have 0 clothes I actually WANT to wear. I took a trip to primark, its no the biggest haul but I think it has some great pieces and Primark are rocking the styles at the moment, you should definitely check it out!

Soon, lets get started.


So the first thing that caught my eye was this GORGEOUS journal for only £4!!! Yes £4!!! I don’t want to talk to much about this as Im planning a full blog post but ugh its its just beautiful? Its marble and rose gold which if you have seen my Kate Moss 15 Year Lipsticks – First Impressions post, you will know I LOVEEEE it!

Carrying on with marble, look at those £1 MARBLE NAILS!!! I wore these to a wedding and I got so many compliments, they’re lush! I hate fake nails usually but I just couldn’t resist.

I just picked up some cheap converse style shoes for £6 as unfortunately my converse died after the festivals I went to (gutting, right?) but they still look as good and go with everything.


Guys. This top. Okay? Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! Its got chip on it! Disney, YASSSS. For only £6, this top is up there with one of my favourite things from this haul.

I picked up these black ripped jeans. Usually jeans for primary don’t fit me because I’m soooo small, but these seemed to fit lovely. They have quite a lot of rips but I’ve never owned ripped jeans so I thought I’d go all out and I thought I could wear fishnet tights underneath (which primark also have for only £3, yes primark). I also got these in normal denim, of course. And they were £10 each.


I don’t know about you guys but with he new school year, I’m also getting back into fitness as I have a gym I can use for free at college. I already have a pair of sports leggings from Adidas, but they were so expensive and honestly, they started breaking after a day of having them. So i picked up some for £8 from primark and they have mesh inserts on the leg which I absolutely love! Ive always wanted leggings with mesh, I just think they’re so flattering. They’re a bit long on my leg but I just roll them up, for £8 you can’t really complain.


These 2 things I’ve always wanted but never fit right. Anyone else have an awkward body shape? Comment down below!

The first is a cropped hoodie, which i think it fairly simple but not too plain, which I really like. It was only £5 (bargain, am I right?) and its just so soft and I’m so glad U finally found one which looks good and feels such good quality. The last, but not least, thing I bought was this cute little black faded pinafore that was £11 (the most expensive thing I bought but still so cheap, like what?!) If you saw my Hello Autumn post last year, you will know my love for pinafores, especially in Autumn, but they never really fit me… I didn’t wear my white one as much as I wanted to but when i tried this one on, I could see my wearing it ALL the time. I hope this haul has given you the motivation to check out your nearest primark because they are ROCKING IT at the moment!

IMG_2094Ps. This dress is from New Look but how pretty is it? I wore it to 2 wedding this weekend. Yes, 2 in a weekend, love is clearly in the air people. But it was so comfy and so pretty, considering I NEVER wear pink, I just had to show it.

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I’ll see you sooooon.

Pps. Sorry about my messy, horrific background, but the photo was a bit rushed as I had to leave for the wedding!


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