Back to School? Stationary Haul.

Yes, this is your typical BTS Stationary Haul. Honestly, I find these so helpful and interesting and thought I’d do one of my own.

Back to school is never fun, I’ll admit. So, why not make it slightly better by jazzing up your stationary and having a bit of fun with it. Buying new stationary makes me feel SO organised and actually makes me WANT to go back to school (or college in my situation), crazy right?!

Mine is nooooo where near the size of most others I’ve seen and no where near as pretty or good quality, but its practical, and as a 17 year old I don’t have massive amount of money I can spend on stationary (as much as I would LOVE that, I’m such a stationary nerd) and a lot of stationary I still have left over from last year, but I wanted to share my new bits with you all. Everything is linked, so if you want prices, click the links.

IMG_1977Most things featured in here are from the range, as I like to get all of my stationary from one store, making sure I’ve got everything and just makes life soo much easier, and the range have such a variety of stationary, its like heaven but still so cheap!

IMG_1982Stick Ballpoint Coloured Pens

Mosaic Lever File (these are SOOO helpful if you’re going A levels like me!)

Basic Pencils

Grey Dotty Ring Binder

Highlighters (my MAIN essential) (except mine are erasable!!)

Envelope Files

A5 Gold Typography Notebooks

Metallic Biro Pens Didn’t come in time to photograph but they are BEAUTIFUL

As you can see from the photos, I bought more but I can’t find them online to link them. Also the academic diary in my photos are for my work, and my school diary is from Wilko, which you can find here

IMG_1986I know this wasn’t the most exciting haul, but I thought it may be useful for some of you. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know down below your favourite bit of stationary – mine is definitely notebooks!

Of course this wouldn’t be a post of mine without a mention of the Zoella Beauty range! The wonder hand is still my all time favourite – its so moisturising and smells lush! I’ve also mentioned the book – I know why the caged bird sings – I’m reading this for my English Literature course and its so inspiring, I’d definitely recommend!



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