Glitz & Glam – DIY

So, have you ever been walking around a festival without glitter on and feel totally out of place, so you go to a stall and pay extortionate amounts just to feel this festival vibes? Or been scrolling through your Pinterest account thinking ‘how do they get their glam on so well?

Well, you don’t have to think about this anymore… Today’s post shows you how cheap and easy it is to get that festival look we all dream about.

IMG_1936The first thing you need when creating your own glitter is of course the glitter itself. The glitter I used was, honestly, a pack of craft glitters from Poundland, which came in 10 different colours and it worked as good as any makeup branded/specific face glitter! (You guys must know I love my bargains / dupes by now)

To stick the glitter to your face, I’ve read many different ideas, such as glitter glue, lash glue, etc. But, what I found to work best was Vaseline. Yes, Vaseline (or any sort of tinned lip balm should work). I apply the Vaseline to my face by dabbing it on with usually a flat foundation brush from Real Techniques, but as I didn’t have that to hand, I used my Sixplus Eyeshadow Brush for a more defined glitter look, and it work perfectly.


Sixplus brushes are so affordable and come in a brush set so you have a brush for absolutely everything in one, making life sooooo much easier, don’t you think? I have a blue set and a black set and honestly, the quality are amazing and they come in the cutest little case for travelling. I use them everyday. The only thing is they have a slightly odd smell when they first arrive but that disappears in a day or two.

Once the Vaseline is tacky where you want to apply your glitter (read until the end to see my glitter look), take the same brush, pour the glitter onto it, or if your brush fits into the tub then a less messy way is to dunk your brush into the glitter, then simply apply this to your face! Job done. Well, almost…


To finally set your glitter, and make sure it stays all day, simply hairspray it with whatever hairspray you like best. The only one that works on my hair is the Tresemmé ‘Make Waves’ Hairspray. I swear by this hairspray as I have tried so many others and nothing works! Trust me, your glitter is not going to move after this step.


When I go to festivals, I like being glitter crazy, so another thing I do is use the Collection Glam Crystals in Glitz to line my lower lash line or on my inner corner for an extra sparkle to my look. It brings it all together and for just £3, it is AMAZING!


If you want to see my go-to festival outfit, see my last post – here.

*Sixplus did send me some of their brushes last year, but everything said about them in this post is 100% true and is in no way sponsored or in collab with them. It was my choice to mention them because I love their brushes*


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