Festival Vibes


Well at least it is for the UK, and these past few weeks I have seen festivals all over social media! I have been to two festivals this year, which is a lot for me, and I can’t wait to save up to go to more next year. If you have never been to a festival, a definitely recommend putting it on your summer bucket list, because its something you just HAVE to try!

For me, the best part of festivals is the getting ready. Yes, I know it should be the music or the atmosphere, but I just LOVE the amazing fashion and glitter and all the festival beauty.

IMG_1916As this year was my first ever time at a proper festival, I didn’t buy anything for it and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. So this post is showing you one of the outfits I wore and how to do your own DIY face glitter for that amazing, glam festival look.

Of course, when you think of festivals you probably think of Coachella. Coachella is just the queen of festivals and it is definitely on my bucket list to go one year, but sadly, in the UK, we are no way near as lucky with our weather. So when we picture festivals it usually consists of clear rain ponchos and wellies. But, we still try and look as festival ready as possible. For my outfit, I put weather before looks as it was soon cold and no way near shorts weather, but so many people braved the cold for fashion and shout out to them!

IMG_1917The first part of my outfit that I wore to Boardmasters Festival was a black bralet from Primark, which came in a set and was only £5. I paired that with a red shirt, again from Primark, which was only £7!! The jeans I wore were Black Topshop Joni Jeans, which I swear by. They are slightly pricey, but I’ve had mine for over a year now and they are still going. Under my Joni Jeans, I wore my large holed fishnets, from Primark  and finally wore my Adidas Gazelles.

Although this outfit isn’t the most vibrant, I really liked it as it had a festival vibe but was also warm as, of course, it rained.

*Just a disclaimer, I love Primark as a shop and bought all of this myself, without realising how much of my outfit was from there. Just shows you can be stylish with super affordable clothing!*

PS. Isn’t the background of my photos such a cool retro wall? I loved it!

If you liked this festival post, be sure to look out for my DIY Festival Glitter post later this week! Hope you all enjoyed this post.


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