It’s the little things

Thats right, ever heard the saying less is more?

IMG_1842So, yesterday was my mums 40th birthday, and honestly, for the last month I had absolutely NO clue what to get her. She is very much an impulsive buyer and would much rather buy for herself than let others do it for her, even for a birthday. A little crazy, I know. I was trying to think of this big, amazing present that would stand out from the others, but then I realised, everyone will be trying that. Think about the little things, the things with meaning, heartfelt.

So I’m making this post to show that less can be more, and if you have a situation like mine, it can be easy to buy for that certain someone.

IMG_1862IMG_1841I stripped it all back to basics and came up with an idea of making a surprise breakfast with a few ‘luxuries’ that we wouldn’t have on an everyday basis (pastries, a range of fruits, etc) and decided to make a spread for when my mum woke up and came down the stairs. I also made her a coffee (as she really needs the help to get up in the morning) and added a few typical birthday bits like balloons. I bought her favourite flowers, and by chance found them in her favourite colour (clearly someone was looking out for me and my little idea). I laid it all out neatly early in the morning and went to wake her up.

IMG_1852IMG_1845She loved it!

The shocking part for me was the fact she was most excited I had bought her a birthday badge to wear to work, as thats all she had asked for (i didn’t know this when i bought it), so it just shows, sometimes it is about the little things, you don’t have to spends hundreds of pounds to please someone. If you have a birthday coming up and no clue what to do, maybe try something like this? And remember, less can be more.

Of course, if you have a perfect idea or big present planned, go ahead! There is in no way anything wrong with big, bold presents (everyone loves them really). I have a few big birthdays coming up soon, both family and friends, so if you’d like to see a gift guide for these or ideas for bigger, more expensive presents, leave a comment below.

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as my mum loved her surprise x

*I apologise for the quality of photos not being brilliant, I didn’t have time to get my camera out so I had to take these photos with my iPhone*


4 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. This was such a lovely post to read! It’s so nice to see people still believe in the whole ‘less is more thing’ as I completely agree with it. The surprise breakfast you prepared looks absolutely yummy too x

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