3 Autumn Lip Loves

So, we have been about a month into the autumn season and there are 3 lip products that I have found myself reaching for throughout the days. Come on, doesn’t everyone find they keep reusing the same lippy?

Now, my makeup collection is definitely nothing special, and is very sparse, but my lip section is definitely bigger than the rest, and of course my favourite. I only started wearing makeup around a year ago, and I’ve only recently started wearing lip products.


*I just want to take a moment to talk about the Halloween Candle in the background of the photo above. It is from Home Bargains, and it smells absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that there is such a thing as a halloween candle! They also have a Gingerbread one that I also purchased, and there is an amazing review of that on Xandra Rose Blog, which I advise you to check out after reading this post.*

Autumn is the prime time for wearing lip products because you can get away with so many looks and colours, and everyone is doing it, of course.


Onto the first lipstick: Avon True Colour Matte Lipstick in Au Naturale. This is such an easy colour to wear. It is a natural nude colour with a slight orange undertone to it. I’ve been loving to wear this when I do natural looking makeup, on a everyday basis.

The next lipstick you would have seen in my Kate Moss 15 Year Lipsticks – First Impressions. It’s the Rimmel Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude Lipstick. I love this. It is the lightest shade in the collection, which means you’re probably thinking “that’s more spring then autumn???”. Well, I agree, but to make this more autumnal, I first use a darker lip liner (I recommend Barry M) and either ombré or layer over the lipstick to create a lovely, gorgeous autumnal colour. I love this.

Finally, again from Avon, (same lipstick, different shade) is the shade Wild Cherry. Now this is what you call an Autumn lip. This gorgeous berry toned lipstick is also matte, which means it is perfect as matte is so in right now. My only negative about this lip is it is very red undertoned, which means that, especially in photos, it looks more red than the classic berry lip. This lipstick is only £5.50 which I think makes up for it though.

I hope this post helped you guys out if you were looking for a new lipstick to rock this Autumn, as all three of these would suit anyone, in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “3 Autumn Lip Loves

  1. Lovely post and photos, those rimmel kate moss 15 year lipsticks have to be one of my faves too! I mean don’t get me started on the rose gold packaging, it’s just simply gorgeous! My favourite shade is ‘boho nude.’ -Amelia xx

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