Stripes ‘n’ Buttons

Summer, sun, and all things hot… Well, not quite when you live in the UK. Our poor excuse of a ‘Summer’ consists of many grey clouds and rain showers, and this is pretty much how it is all year round. No snow in Winter, and no sun in Summer. Aren’t we lucky? …Not. However, sometimes we have the occasional stream of sunshine that makes it through the parting clouds, and what better way to celebrate than wearing the ‘perfect summer outfit’ you’ve been craving to wear and have had planned for weeks?

Personally, I’m a simple kind of girl. I’m not one for bold, statement colours or lots of crazy patterns. I much prefer a simple, but trendy outfit to wear on one of these very rare summer days. So, if you haven’t guessed already, that’s what I am showing you today: My Go-To Summer Outfit.


Stripes and Buttons are all the trends right now! But, as it’s never exactly warm in the UK, I decided to reach for my thin, lightweight jumper from Asos over the typical striped tee/crop top that are all the hype these days, although if it was hot enough, I would probably be wearing one… The reason I like this jumper is because it is so simple, but has a twist, as it has brown, suede elbow pads, which I think looks really good with this outfit, and that’s what drew me to buying it originally. I paired this with my one and only Button-Up that I’m obsessed with. Finally, I chose my classic White Converse for my shoes. (You can’t go wrong with a pair of trusty converse, and they go with EVERYTHING.)

BeFunky Collage

Stripe Jumper in Petite (very similar): ASOS

Dark Blue Button Up Skirt Petite: New Look

White Converse: JD Sports

Lipsy Rose Gold Watch (similar): Gift

If you want to see how I did my make-up, I used a lot of the products from my First day of summer – makeup essentials post.

**THIS IS A COLLAB WITH Kirsty Angela!** *I would absolutely love it if you clicked her name to go to her blog and give her a follow. She puts so much work into her blog, and deserves more people to appreciate it. She has helped me so much and she is just so lovely! Go give her posts some love!*



20 thoughts on “Stripes ‘n’ Buttons

  1. Great post and love your outfit- I’m wearing a button up denim skirt very similar to that now actually- I love it too, its so versatile and goes with so many things! ❤ 🙂 I get what you mean about the British summer, I have more chance of winning the lottery than the sun coming out ha ha!


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