4 Summer Reads

Have you been lazing around on these summer days with nothing to do? Have you completed your bucket list too soon? Well, nothing passes the time like a good book. Lot’s of people find reading extremely difficult, time-consuming and perhaps boring, however, with the perfect summer book, this could all change.

I have come up with 4 summer reads that will consume you and pass some of this wasted summer time that you have before school starts again. Reading is great. It opens up your imagination and if you read enough, it can even help you within English lessons in school (especially literature). I’m a massive bookworm, and as you can see by my first post of my blog – here – this has helped me gain so much more imagination and has helped me adapt to a better style of writing, and even helped me to make this blog.


The Butterfly Lion – Michael Morpurgo

This is my first choice as a Summer Read as it is quite a short book, so won’t take too long to read. This is one of my favourite books of my childhood. It definitely pulls on some heartstrings, and it is based around the life of a lion cub in Africa (what’s better than baby animals and hot weather?) and it just seems like the perfect book, that anyone could easily read and enjoy.

The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

I’m sure most of you have either read, seen, or at least heard of this book(and film). I read this book last summer, whilst in my garden, enjoying the sun, and honestly, I couldn’t put this down. John Green has such a talent and his style of writing is truly amazing. I also read his book Looking For Alaska, which I would also recommend. The Fault In Our Stars is based on two teenagers who suffer with cancer, and their love story. If you haven’t already read this, (where have you been???) I highly recommend this to you.

If I Stay – Gayle Forman

This, again, was a major film that came out last summer. Seeing the trailer to this film, instantly made me want to read it! (I always have to read the book before seeing the film, anyone else?) I love that in the book it shows no matter what style clothes you wear, or what music you like/play, there are people out there that like you, for you. This book is quite emotional, but is just perfect to read on a summer afternoon. If you have read this, then make sure you check out the sequel – Where She Went.

Tiger Trouble – Lucy Courtenay

Finally, this book is aimed for slightly younger teenagers. I read Tiger Trouble when I was around 14 years old, and I absolutely loved it. It is about twin sisters, who have tiger cubs living in their house, and they have a special talent. I think this book was really creative and fun to read. It is also not too long either, so it doesn’t take too long to read.


The last thing I want to say about reading is that, you can do it whatever the weather! This is definitely my go-to activity on a rainy day. So, why not give it a go by reading one of these amazing books? And if you are already a bookworm, you’re collection will not be complete without these!


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