Kate Moss 15 Year Lipsticks – First Impressions

OH MY GOSH. Let me just talk about this packaging. As embarrassed as I am to say this, I did indeed purchase this just because I adored the packaging. Well, and the fact that they were limited edition and if I didn’t buy them, I would definitely regret it. The packaging is rose gold, with the statement red ‘Kate’ writing, which is on everyone of her products. They just look so good in my collection!

These lipsticks are priced at £6.49 each, which is £1 more expensive than the other lipsticks in the Rimmel Kate Moss range. But, if you are in the UK and have a Superdrug  store near you (or just visit their website), they have 3 for 2 on all makeup in their shop, which is incredible, as there is so much variety, then you can most likely get them cheaper.

There a 6 shades all together; 3 nude shades, and 3 red shades, which I think is quite a good selection.The consistency of the product(s) is very smooth and light, which I liked. All of the lipsticks are glossy/satin finishes (they are not matte), which I was a little sad about, as I much prefer mattes, but these still looked lovely all the same.


As you can tell from the swatches, I swatched the lipsticks dark to light, and my first impression was that they were all very pretty colours. I find it harder to wear bright colours, like the reds in this collection, but i knew they would be perfect for the colder two seasons, so with just 6 lipsticks, I have a colour for every time of the year!

Retro Red: Yes, this is definitely retro. I was expecting it to come out a little more purple than it did, but it was definitely bright red undertoned. I really do like this colour, however I think it could be quite hard to find an appropriate occasion to wear it, but as I get more confident with lip colours, I hope I can wear it more as it’s so pretty , just incredibly bright compared to what I thought.

Idol Red: This is more of a true red, and I’ll definitely be wearing this in December, as it reminds me so much of a Christmas red. Again, this is a bright red, but is still very pretty, but as I have blonde hair, I find these sorts of colours very hard to wear.

Muse Red: Wow, this is bright, and the last of the reds in the collection. This has more of an orange undertone, and if you are confident with makeup, this could definitely be rocked during summer as it’s bright and just lovely. I really hope I’ll be able to wear this, but as said in both other reds, it is a tricky colour for me to wear.

Boho Nude: Now onto the nude shades. Boho Nude is a brown undertones, fairly dark, nude shade, and I love it. This is like one of the perfect colours for my skin tone and hair shade, and this will most likely become one of my most used lip products. It is quite similar to Avon’s ‘Au Naturale’, which I use a lot in the matte formula, so I’m very happy with this shade.

My Nude: Another beautiful shade, and again, one of my faves. This is slightly lighter than Boho Nude and is a perfect colour for all year round. This is another one that goes well with blonde hair. I really like this!

Rock n Roll Nude: This is the final shade of the collection, and it is a pink undertoned nude. This is quite a chilled, nude colour that looks very natural, with a tinge of pink to it. This is a perfect spring/summer shade, which so many people could pull of.


All of these shades are stunning, and I can’t wait to wear them all and see how long they last, etc. I would definitely recommend to all of you looking to expanding you lipstick collection and shades, and for all lovers of rose gold (I know you’re out there). Let me know in the comments, what is your favourite lipstick shade?

*Disclaimer: These are all my own opinions, and I’m not sponsored to write this post.*






22 thoughts on “Kate Moss 15 Year Lipsticks – First Impressions

  1. These lipsticks are so beautiful, the packaging is gorgeous! I’ll have to pick some up- my favourite is definitely My Nude. Love your blog, such good content and great photos, I’ve just followed 🙂 x Recently I’ve started my own blog and would really appreciate if you have a spare moment if you could visit it and give me some feedback. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future, talk soon! ❤

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