Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast – Recipe

It’s always so easy to pick out the same chocolate breakfast cereal because its quick and easy to make. But what if you could match the speed with a healthier breakfast? That’s exactly what today’s post is. I always like to be different, and I get very bored of meals very quickly. Today I thought I’d share with you a healthy concoction that I made that will jazz up your breakfast time.

You will need:

2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, a handful of spinach, and a little bit of cheese.

First, you need to toast your bread (the bread is a carbohydrate, which in small portions, can be good for you). Whilst your bread is toasting, you want to begin to fry your eggs (eggs are a source of protein, which you need in your diet). The healthiest way I know to fry eggs is using water instead of oil. Once your bread has toasted, put it onto a plate, but DO NOT BUTTER IT. Butter contains many fats that is better to leave out of your breakfast meal. Add the fried eggs on top of your plain toast. Using the same pan you just fried your eggs in, out in your handful of spinach and let it start to fry and shrink (but not for too long, otherwise there will be hardly anything left).At the same time, you want to add your cheese, or other ingredients you want to add into the spinach. Once this has cooked for around 1 minute, you can add this on top of your eggs. Spinach is good as it contains iron and it counts as one of your 5 a day, and cheese is there just for flavour really, but you can change this up to whatever suits you.

This meal takes me around 5 minutes to make, so it’s quick as well as tasty. I think this meal would be suitable for vegetarians, however not for vegans. But what I like most about this recipe is that it can be altered to suit people’s requirements and preferred tastes, and I just really enjoy making this. Also if you make it for a partner or friends, it looks like you’ve made such an effort when it’s actually so simple.


5 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast – Recipe

  1. This looks amazing, such a nice alternative to your everyday breakfasts! I love your blog- you’ve just gained a new follower! xx


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