A Moroccan Adventure

This past week, I went on a family holiday to Morocco. The weather was outstanding and I had so much fun. Let’s just say, the experience was incredible. We stayed on a resort called Be Live Family Aqua Park, which i definitely recommend if you are looking for a perfect family holiday. I did mention my holiday in my previous post Travel Essentials.

Although the resort was fantastic, my favourite part of my holiday was visiting the traditional market. I got to see so much of there culture and it was amazing to see. However I am very sad that I was unable to take many photos and we were in a place where, apparently, it is not safe to have cameras or phones on show, so we had to keep the in our bags, but I am so glad I had the experience.

I was able to get a few photos during my holiday and journey to and from the market, which I will share at the end. It was so nice to see horse and carriages, mules/donkeys and camels as modes of transport, and I must say that the watermelon there is unbelievable! I got a henna on my hand, which has my name in Arabic incorporated into it, which I thought was a great memory of the culture and the place I visited.

As I have recommended the hotel, I will give a description and tell you what I thought. The Resort has at least 6 pools and 4 children pools, along with 4 sections of water slides, mini golf, a kids club and even more! There is always entertainment in the evenings, which is a lot of fun to watch. Many different languages are spoken at this resort because people come from all around the world! I met someone who spoke 7 languages!

So, after rambling so much about my holiday, I will now show some of the photos I took when I was away.



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