Travel Essentials

So, I’m off on holiday on Tuesday and as I was packing, I was thinking of what would be good for a blog post, that I could incorporate this into. Then I thought, I’m always looking for lists of what to take on holiday, or in a carry on. So here’s my version.

A comfortable bag

By this I mean a bag you don’t mind lugging round for hours if necessary, and also a bag that will fit all you need to take onto the plane, without being too big. My bag is from Primark and it was £12.


Inside your bag

Instead of talking through each product, I’ve decided to list them. This is because there are quite a few and this will become a very long blog post, but if you want any more depth into a product, ask in the comments below.

My main essentials were:

Sunglasses – Mine are from Primark.

Neck pillow and Sleep mask – Mine are from Home Bargains.

Notepad and Book – WHSmith

Headphones – You can get these anywhere

Chewing gums – These or mints are definitely essentials after sitting in the same spot for hours, this is the same with Hand Sanitiser.

Electronics and Chargers – Again, this is specific to you.

Camera – Whether this is disposable or not I would really recommend taking one on holiday to capture the memories! I found some at Urban Outfitters.

Lip Balm and Moisturiser – This is especially good for longer flights but can be suitable for shorter flights. My go to products are Baby Lips – Hydrate and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

If you want to see my Makeup Essentials, be sure to check out my  last blog post here.



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