First day of summer – makeup essentials

It’s officially summer!

Wow, this year has gone so quickly. As it is the first day of summer today, I thought I would share with you the essentials that I think you need in your makeup bag during summer. Here in Cornwall, our first day of summer has been rain, which is just typical, but hopefully as we get further into this season we will have more sun!

So here is what makeup products you should have and use during summer:

  1. Base Products


The first thing I came up with for your face was a BB Cream. Nobody wants to be wearing a full coverage foundation that will just melt off your face in the summer heat. BB Creams are great because they help to cover your blemishes as well as moisturising your face, and it contains SPF, which is of course an essential for summer. You can many different SPFs in different BB Creams, but this particular one is Rimmel BB Cream in Matte, with SPF 15.

The second product for your face is Powder. If you have a matte BB cream, then this is not as much of an essential, but I think it’s handy just in case (you can also use it to set concealer if you are wearing it). I find that powders are great to set your face and even skin tone if not wearing a base product underneath. The one I have here is a 2true powder, which I think has been discontinued so I will be soon looking for another.

The last product I came up with was a contour kit. These are great because they have 3 products in one, therefore saves space and money! They also add so much definition and colour to your face! The one I have been loving at the moment and what I am using everyday is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit. This particular product is so easy to use and shows up so well without having to pack it on your skin. It’s one of my favourite products I have used so far!

2. Eye products


Again, in summer, you don’t want to be too heavy on your eyes as you don’t want it smudging everywhere! My two essential so are an eyebrow pencil and mascara. I can’t go anywhere without mascara. I feel as though it completes a look and makes you seem so much more awake! Here I have the MUA Brow Pencil in Blonde and the Avon Infinitize Mascara. I love the Brow Pencil because it comes with a brush on one end and it’s a great shade for my brows. Also it’s only £1! I recommend the Avon mascara, because, although it’s the most expensive product, it really lifts your lashes and makes you look so much more awake!

3. Lips


You cant go wrong with a gorgeous nude coloured lip! Yes, in summer you may prefer striking reds and oranges, which sometimes I do, but for an everyday look I recommend a nude colour! This one in the photo is Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 40, which is a lovely nude/pink. I love this shade, however it’s a tad light on my lips, but can look very good for summer!

So that is all of my makeup essentials for summer. Of course on certain days, be sure to add an eyeshadow colour or add a winged liner! These are only essentials for everyday, and even I like to change it up sometimes so it doesn’t get boring or plain, but for an everyday look, it’s better to be simple in my opinion.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!


10 thoughts on “First day of summer – makeup essentials

  1. I love going simple too! But also outgoing make up for special occasions and for fun. I loved this post ( also really want that rimmel BB cream! ) 🙂 x

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